The mainframe is an appropriate choice for you if seeking robust and secure cloud capabilities, powerful analytics, and pervasive encryption with a support from machine learning. While contributing to the security of the hybrid as well as on-premises cloud environments, it also adds to the performance and security of the exponentially increasing load of data. The Advent of a Digital Era With the onset of the digital business, the mainframe has proved its potential by offering a mature, secure, and powerful platform for assisting the IT initiatives.

With the involvement of the generation of the blockchain, the mainframe also manages 29 billion transactions of ATM annually, which sums up to $5 billion each day. What Can be Expected From The Latest Innovation? More than 10% of the storage capacity and two times more memory than the z13. Completely integrated transactions on a single system which counts more than 850 million. With an expectation to enhance the mobility of data, it will result in prompt yet simplified connectivity of cloud.

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